Hobby Funding

ATTENTION: OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS IN THE HOBBY INDUSTRY? Are you a small time eBayer that wants to get serious and grow a business, or do you have aspirations of having a break company or hobby shop? Lets talk. If you are looking for FUNDING for your Hobby Business, and if you meet the following qualifications, we can help you: 1) Poor to Fair credit and you have a business bank account with an EIN number, US CITIZEN, and have been in business for 90 days, and have money coming into your business bank account, we can get you funded. OR 2) If youre a startup, and you have a 680+ credit score, we can get you funded for up to 100k at 0% interest for 6 months. send an email to service@friendlyboxbreaks.com with "funding" in the title and lets consult. 100% confidential.

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