2022 Topps Chrome Baseball Info

Due to a production error at the printing facility, 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball boxes do not contain the planned short print parallels of five rookie players.  Topps has announced that they will provide a 2-card silver pack for every 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball box purchased. The short print parallels will be randomly inserted into these packs. Our packs are on the way to us.

We will begin associating each silver pack to its rightful box that we "broke" on our site. We receive 1 silver pack for each box that we purchased. We will be assigning a pack to each box that we broke already or each box we still have on the shelf.

If you were in one of our Topps chrome breaks (hobby or jumbo), you will also be in the break for the silver pack or packs. Fear not! Thank you for your patience in this!


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